GenX in JAMA

Jane Hoppin pic
Jane Hoppin

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) has published an article about the Environmental Protections Agency’s (EPA) action against these ‘Forever Chemicals’ in the nation’s water supply. In response to public concern about PFAS contamination, US companies voluntarily began phasing out certain PFAS, including PFOA and PFOS, in the early 2000s. But based on findings in nonhuman animal toxicity studies, the EPA issued drinking water health advisories for both GenX chemicals and PFBS this June.

This study is also is looking at the potential effects of PFAS exposure on COVID-19 vaccine response because the chemicals may affect antibody production. “Antibody response to vaccines is supposed to be the most sensitive end point for PFAS,” principal investigator Jane Hoppin, ScD, director of the Center for Human Health and the Environment (CHHE) at North Carolina State University, wrote in an email to JAMA.

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