Committees and Panels

Faculty and Staff

Scott Belcher, Project 3 Co-Leader

Scott Belcher
Scott Belcher

*United Nations Environment Assembly Science-Policy Panel on Chemicals and Waste
*OECD: Working Party on Hazard Assessment (WPHA): Expert Group on Academic Data
*OECD: The Working Group of National Co-ordinators of the TG programme (WNT)
*OECD: Working Party on Hazard Assessment (WPHA)
*OECD: Expert Group on Endocrine Disruptors in Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
*OECD: Working Party on Hazard Assessment (WPHA), Advisory Group on Emerging Science (ESGA)
*European Chemicals Agency: Expert Group on Updating Guidance on Application of classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) of substances and mixtures
*Endocrine Society: OECD Task Force
*Endocrine Society: EDC Advisory Committee

Lacey Brown, Community Engagement Core, Community Engagement Specialist

Lacey Brown picture
Lacey Brown

*4th National PFAS Conference Planning Committee: Standing Committee
*4th National PFAS Conference Planning Committee: Communications Subcommittee
*CFPUA Source Water Protection

Jamie DeWitt, Research Translation Coordinator and Project 2 Co-Leader

Jamie DeWitt
Jamie DeWitt

*Society of Toxicology Membership Committee
*North Carolina Secretaries Science Advisory Board
*Tennessee PFAS External Advisory Group Member, Tennessee Departments of Environment and Conservation and Health
*PFAS Testing Network Executive Advisory Committee Member, NC Policy Collaboratory
*Global PFAS Science Panel Member
*Emerging Science for Environmental Health Decisions Standing Committee Member, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
*International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Cancer Research Committee

Denise Hall, Admin Core, Program Manager

Denise Hall
Denise Hall

*4th National PFAS Meeting – Logistics Committee
*4th National PFAS Meeting – Sponsorships Committee
*4th National PFAS Meeting – Travel Awards Sub-Committee

Jane Hoppin, Project 1 Leader

Jane Hoppin pic
Jane Hoppin

*International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph 135 Committee

Detlef Knappe, Center Deputy Director and Project 4 Co-Leader

Detlef Knappe

*NC Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board
*AWWA Organic Contaminants Research Committee
*AWWA Activated Carbon Standards Committee
*AWWA Water Science Journal
*External Advisory Committee (EAC) for URI/Harvard STEEP SRC
*NC PFAS Testing Network, Executive Advisory Committee

Seth Kullman, Project 2 Co-Leader

Seth Kullman
Seth Kullman

*National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. CSR SIEE Standing Member
*External Advisory Committee (EAC) for NIEHS Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES) award Jessie Buckley
*External Advisory Committee (EAC) for UNC T32 Training Program. Pre- and Postdoctoral Training in Toxicology
*External Advisory Committee (EAC) for Duke T32 Training Program. Pre- and Postdoctoral Training in Toxicology

Katy May, Community Engagement Core Director

Katy May picture
Katy May

*4th National PFAS Meeting – Overall Planning Committee
*4th National PFAS Meeting – Communications Committee
*4th National PFAS Meeting – Travel Awards Sub-Committee

Ranji Ranjithan, RETCC Co-Director

Ranji Ranjithan picture
Ranji Ranjithan

*ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Systems Committee

Jeff Yoder, Project 2 Co-Leader

Jeffrey Yoder picture
Jeffrey Yoder

*The Journal of Immunology
*Infection & Inflammation Research Interest Group, Zebrafish Disease Models Society
*Zebrafish Nomenclature Committee, ZFIN, The Zebrafish Model Organism Database

Hannah Starnes, Trainee Project 3

Hannah Starnes
Hannah Starnes

*NC Society of Toxicology