Jeff Yoder

Project 2 Co-Leader; Professor, Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, NC State


Holosteans contextualize the role of the teleost genome duplication in promoting the rise of evolutionary novelties in the ray-finned fish innate immune system
Dornburg, A., Wcisel, D. J., Zapfe, K., Ferraro, E., Roupe-Abrams, L., Thompson, A. W., … Yoder, J. A. (2021, June 11). , (Vol. 6). Vol. 6.
Chapter 19 - Immunology
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In vivo assessment of respiratory burst inhibition by xenobiotic exposure using larval zebrafish
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Transcriptome Ortholog Alignment Sequence Tools (TOAST) for phylogenomic dataset assembly
Wcisel, D. J., Howard, J. T., III, Yoder, J. A., & Dornburg, A. (2020), BMC Evolutionary Biology, 20(1).
Calcium imaging of primary canine sensory neurons: Small‐diameter neurons responsive to pruritogens and algogens
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Circulating tumor cells exit circulation while maintaining multicellularity, augmenting metastatic potential.
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Presence of cerebrospinal fluid antibodies associated with autoimmune encephalitis of humans in dogs with neurologic disease
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Ligand-mediated protein degradation reveals functional conservation among sequence variants of the CUL4-type E3 ligase substrate receptor cereblon
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Use of a specific polyclonal anti-canine TSLP antibody reveals TSLP expression in normal tissue and cell culture
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Disruption of Trim9 function abrogates macrophage motility in vivo
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  • Center for Environmental and Health Effects of PFAS
  • NBAF Scientist Training Program Agreement
  • Collaborative Research: Understanding the Molecular Diversification of Self Recognition through Ray-Finned Fish Innate Immune Receptor Families
  • Immune Suppression by Pyrene Exposure
  • North American Comparative Immunology Workshop
  • Meeting: From Omics to Function, Future Directions for Comparative Immunology, NACI Workshop 2017
  • Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Screens with Zebrafish Embryos
  • Enhancing Vascular Delivery of Stem Cells and Microparticles
  • Immune-Suppression by Embryonic Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Cellular and Molecular Studies of Inorganic Arsenic-Induced Deficiencies in the Innate Immune System
Jeff Yoder