Projects Overview

Diagram of how Biomedical Research and Environmental Science and Engineering work together

Our biomedical research (BMR) and environmental science and engineering (ESE) projects will integrate population-, and field-based studies with a diverse range of laboratory models to improve understanding of PFAS toxicity, mechanism of action, bioaccumulation, and remediation.

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Biomedical Research Project 1: PFAS Exposure and Thyroid Related Health Outcomes in Communities along the Cape Fear River, NC. Principal Investigator: Jane Hoppin; Co-Investigators: David Collier and Suzanne Lea.

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Biomedical Research Project 2: Uncovering the mechanisms of PFAS-induced immunotoxicity: An important public health endpoint. Co-Investigators: Jamie DeWitt, Seth Kullman, Jeffrey Yoder.

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Environmental Science and Engineering Project 3: Integrating experimental and field studies to understand PFAS bioaccumulation and impact in aquatic food webs. Co-Investigators: Scott Belcher, David Buchwalter, Antonio Planchart.

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Environmental Science and Engineering Project 4: Uncovering Mechanisms of PFAS Adsorption by Granular Activated Carbon to Support PFAS Remediation. Principal Investigator: Detlef Knappe; Co-Investigator: Morton Barlaz.