Scott Belcher

Project 3 Co-Leader; Associate Professor, Dept. Biological Sciences, College of Sciences, NC State

  • Phone: 919-513-1214
  • Office: David Clark Labs 142
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-1196-3705


Assessing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Fish Fillet Using Non-Targeted Analyses
Boatman, A. K., Chappel, J. R., Polera, M. E., Dodds, J. N., Belcher, S. M., & Baker, E. S. (2023, September 5). , .
Domestic Dogs and Horses as Sentinels of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Exposure and Associated Health Biomarkers in Gray's Creek North Carolina
Rock, K. D., Polera, M. E., Guillette, T. C., Starnes, H. M., Dean, K., Watters, M., … Belcher, S. M. (2023), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 57(26), 9567–9579.
A Critical Review and Meta-Analysis of Impacts of Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances on the Brain and Behavior
Starnes, H. M., Rock, K. D., Jackson, T. W., & Belcher, S. M. (2022), Frontiers in Toxicology, 4.
Blood concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are associated with autoimmune-like effects in American alligators from Wilmington, North Carolina
Guillette, T. C., Jackson, T. W., Guillette, M., McCord, J., & Belcher, S. M. (2022), FRONTIERS IN TOXICOLOGY, 4.
Comparative assessment of blood mercury in American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) from Coastal North Carolina and Florida
Belcher, S. M., Guillette, M. P., Robb, F., & Rock, K. D. (2022, August 3), ECOTOXICOLOGY, Vol. 8.
Gestational Cd Exposure in the CD-1 Mouse Sex-Specifically Disrupts Essential Metal Ion Homeostasis
Jackson, T. W., Baars, O., & Belcher, S. M. (2022, February 25), TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES, Vol. 2.
The imprinted gene Zac1 regulates steatosis in developmental cadmium-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Riegl, S. D., Starnes, C., Jima, D. D., Baptissart, M., Diehl, A. M., Belcher, S. M., & Cowley, M. (2022, October 6), TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES, Vol. 10.
Utilizing Pine Needles to Temporally and Spatially Profile Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
Kirkwood, K. I., Fleming, J., Nguyen, H., Reif, D. M., Baker, E. S., & Belcher, S. M. (2022), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 56(6), 3441–3451.
Gestational Cd Exposure in the CD-1 Mouse Sex-Specifically Disrupts Essential Metal Ion Homeostasis
Jackson, T. W., Baars, O., & Belcher, S. M. (2021, November 7). , (Vol. 11). Vol. 11.
Key Characteristics of Cardiovascular Toxicants
Lind, L., Araujo, J. A., Barchowsky, A., Belcher, S., Berridge, B. R., Chiamvimonvat, N., … Smith, M. T. (2021), ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES, 129(9).

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  • Toxin Mixtures in Coastal Ecosystems and Accumulation in Farmed Shellfish
  • Belcher Testing Services Agreement with Georgia Aquarium
  • Validation of Differential Scanning Fluoremetry for Commercial Toxicity Testing
  • Determining Contaminant Accumulation and Exposures in Local Shark Species from Domestic Fisheries
  • The Imprinted Gene Network in the Programming of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Early Life Cadmium Exposure
  • Center for Environmental and Health Effects of PFAS
  • Gestational Effects of Low Dose Cd Exposure on Epigenetic Regulation of Metabolism
  • Assessment of novel and legacy poly and perfluorinated compounds in alligator and fish of the Cape Fear River
  • Toxicokinetics and Metabolic Disrupting Actions of the Flame Retardant Mixture Firemaster 550
  • Center for Human Health and the Environment
Scott Belcher