Tracey Woodlief Discusses Firefighters Exposure to PFAS

Tracey Woodlief picture
Tracey Woodlief

Tracey WoodliefProject 2 in the DeWitt lab, discusses firefighter health risks when exposed to PFAS. Firefighters can face many dangers on the job, including exposure to what’s known as PFAS, referred to as forever chemicals. The North Carolina Firefighters’ Alliance announced new resources at the NC Mid-Winter Chiefs’ Conference at the Concord Convention to bring awareness and prevention for firefighters. PFAS particles are said to play a part in firefighting.

“PFAS are found in the turnout gear of firefighters as well as in firefighting foam and so there’s multiple ways of being exposed to PFAS if you’re a firefighter. PFAS are associated with health risks such as cancer,” said Brody School of Medicine Pharmacology and Toxicology Researcher, Tracey Woodlief. Click HERE to read more.