Scientists continue GenX study in Fayetteville as World Health Organization says some PFAS carcinogens

Jane Hoppin pic
Jane Hoppin

A North Carolina-based research study on exposure to GenX and related chemicals among people living in the Cape Fear River Basin is analyzing new blood samples from four communities with water supplies heavily contaminated with PFAS, including Fayetteville, Pittsboro, New Hanover County and Brunswick County.   

Meanwhile, international experts convened in November by the World Health Organization have labeled two legacy types of PFAS — PFOA and PFOS — as carcinogenic and possibly carcinogenic to humans, respectively. 

Dr. Jane Hoppin is the study’s principal investigator and director of the Center for Human Health and the Environment at NCSU.

“Our overall focus is we want to understand what’s happening throughout the Cape Fear river basin and also look at how the exposures differ in the groundwater community compared to people drinking surface water,” Hoppin told CityView Magazine. Click HERE to read more.