Erin Baker

CAPTURE (support core) Director; Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, UNC-Chapel Hill


Aggregated Molecular Phenotype Scores: Enhancing Assessment and Visualization of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data for Tissue-Based Diagnostics
Chappel, J. R., King, M. E., Fleming, J., Eberlin, L. S., Reif, D. M., & Baker, E. S. (2023, August 14), ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Vol. 8.
Bile salt hydrolases shape the bile acid landscape and restrict Clostridioides difficile growth in the murine gut
Foley, M. H., Walker, M. E., Stewart, A. K., O'Flaherty, S., Gentry, E. C., Patel, S., … Theriot, C. M. (2023, March 13), NATURE MICROBIOLOGY, Vol. 3.
Characterizing Adeno-Associated Virus Capsids with Both Denaturing and Intact Analysis Methods
Ryan, J. P., Kostelic, M. M., Hsieh, C.-C., Powers, J., Aspinwall, C., Dodds, J. N., … Baker, E. S. (2023), JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY, 34(12), 2811–2821.
Integrative Chemical-Biological Grouping of Complex High Production Volume Substances from Lower Olefin Manufacturing Streams
Cordova, A. C., Klaren, W. D., Ford, L. C., Grimm, F. A., Baker, E. S., Zhou, Y.-H., … Rusyn, I. (2023), TOXICS, 11(7).
Using Multidimensional Separations to Distinguish Isomeric Amino Acid-Bile Acid Conjugates and Assess Their Presence and Perturbations in Model Systems
Stewart, A. K., Foley, M. H., Dougherty, M. K., Mcgill, S. K., Gulati, A. S., Gentry, E. C., … Baker, E. S. (2023), ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 95(41), 15357–15366.
A High-Throughput Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry Screening Method for Opioid Profiling
Butler, K. E., & Baker, E. S. (2022, September 22), JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY, Vol. 9.
A Preprocessing Tool for Enhanced Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry-Based Omics Workflows
Bilbao, A., Gibbons, B. C., Stow, S. M., Kyle, J. E., Bloodsworth, K. J., Payne, S. H., … Fjeldsted, J. C. (2022), JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, 21(3), 798–807.
Analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in Houston Ship Channel and Galveston Bay following a large-scale industrial fire using ion-mobility-spectrometry-mass spectrometry
Valdiviezo, A., Aly, N. A., Luo, Y.-S., Cordova, A., Casillas, G., Foster, M. K., … Rusyn, I. (2022), JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, 115, 350–362.
Assessing the Fate of Dissolved Organic Compounds in Landfill Leachate and Wastewater Treatment Systems
Doyle, M. G., Odenkirk, M. T., Stewart, A. K., Nelson, J. P., Baker, E. S., & Cruz, F. (2022, November 1), ACS ES&T WATER, Vol. 11.
CCS Predictor 2.0: An Open-Source Jupyter Notebook Tool for Filtering Out False Positives in Metabolomics
Rainey, M. A., Watson, C. A., Asef, C. K., Foster, M. R., Baker, E. S., & Fernandez, F. M. (2022, December 6), ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Vol. 12.

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  • A Analysis Platform to Predict Health-Related Outcomes from Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Profiles
  • Role of PFAS Exposure and Co-Infection on COVID-19
  • Integrating tissue chips, rapid untargeted analytical methods and molecular modeling for toxicokinetic screening of metabolites and mixtures
  • On-line Pulsed Ozonolysis for Untargeted Characterization Double Bond Position in Lipidomics (Agilent Gift #4283: T2-Mass Spectrometry)
  • Prioritizing Risks from Oil Spills: Supporting Decisions with Read-Across Using 21st Century Exposure and Toxicological Sciences
  • Leveraging Glycomics to Characterize a Molecular Signature of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Center for Human Health and the Environment
Erin Baker