Katy May and Lacey Brown are Helping Teachers

Katy May picture
Katy May

Katy May and Lacey Brown (CEC) are working with The Science House and Data Science Academy to plan a year-long project that brings local teachers together to create standards-aligned lesson plans from Superfund data. During a workshop in March, Katy and Lacey used data from Project 4 and were able to create an entire case study pre-packaged for teachers to implement. The workshop received very positive feedback and many teachers were hungry for more PFAS data to use in the classroom.

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Lacey Brown

By grounding these workshops in SRP research, they are giving teachers a chance to use data that is timely and locally relevant, and simultaneously increasing the reach of our work. Plus, many of the teachers and their students are from the Cape Fear River basin and are particularly interested in incorporating this work into their classrooms.