The Superfund Attended the 2023 SRP Annual Grant Recipient Meeting

Miscellaneous pictures of Superfund Staff and Trainees at the event.
Carolyn Mattingly, Director (Top Right)
Sarangi Joseph and Zarin Tasnim (Top Left)
Nate Wiecha (Middle Left)
Jane Hoppin (Bottom Right)
Detlef Knappe (Bottom Left)

The 2023 annual in-person meeting of the NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) grant recipients and trainees was hosted by the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque and NIH/NIEHS.

The event provided research progress updates of their SRP-supported research to other SRP grant recipients, trainees, SRP Program Staff, NIEHS Leadership, and federal/state/local end-users. This year’s meeting theme explored how utilizing team science can accelerate scientific discovery and solutions for those impacted by hazardous substances, with a special focus on engaging Indigenous Scientists and Community Members.

In addition, this in-person meeting fostered research translation, community engagement, data management and analysis, and training activities among SRP grant recipients and meeting participants. There were opportunities for SRP P42 Center Administrators to learn about NIEHS Grants Management topics specific to the SRP.

Jane Hoppin, Sarangi Joseph, and Hannah Starnes gave oral presentations of their studies and findings:

Jane Hoppin picture
Jane Hoppin

Project 1Jane Hoppin: New IARC Evaluation of PFOA and PFOS for Cancer

Hannah Starnes picture
Hannah Starnes

Project 3Hannah Starnes: In Vitro and In Silico Methods for the Assessment of Serum Albumin Interactions with PFAS

Sarangi Joseph picture
Sarangi Joseph

Project 4Sarangi Joseph: Mechanisms of PFAS sorption to activated carbon at sorption equilibrium

Several of our trainees and affiliates presented posters at the event:

Michael Cuffney picture
Michael Cuffney

CEC and DMAC: Michael Cuffney presented on behalf of Katy May (CEC) and Emily Griffith (DMAC): CEC and DMAC: Partnering to share data and analyses with impacted community members

Nnamdi Osakwe picture
Nnamdi Osakwe

DMAC: Nnamdi Osakwe: Building an Integrated Framework for Environmental Health Modeling: An Environmental Integrity Framework Use-Case

Nate Wiecha picture
Nate Wiecha

Project 1: Nathanial Wiecha: Evaluation of methods for analyzing nonlinear and counteracting associations of PFAS with health outcomes

Matthew Farrell picture
Matthew Farrell

Project 3: Matt Farrell: Liver proteome changes in zebrafish in response to chronic low-dose PFAS exposure